Welcome to Corfu, or Kerkyra in Greek,

an island of stunning natural beauty, on the cross-ways between East and West.

Corfu Old Town, Kerkyra, Greece
Corfu of today is a charming mix of many cultural influences. According to the Greek Mythology, is the islands name Keryra related to Poseidon, who fell in love with the nymph Korkyra and brought her to this island. The ancient Greek name of Corfu is Kerkyra or Korkyra. The island is covered in olive groves, a result of over 400 years of Venetian rule, which also left its mark on the island's architecture and music. But the Venetians are not the only ones passing Kerkyra over the years.

As you approach Corfu, from the sea or from the air, it's easy to understand why this incredibly green and lush island has been attracting visitors from all over the world for decades and still is. Corfu has everything to offer its visitor and there plenty of hotels in Kerkyra, Corfu Greece - suitable for any budget and preference concerning standard and location.

Corfu Town and mainland, Kerkyra, Corfu, Greece
Truly one of the most beautiful towns in the whole of Greece is the old town of Corfu. It's built between the two magnificent Venetian fortresses and is a contrasting combination of French and Italian architecture and Byzantine churches side by side of more modern buildings. This is the perfect place to stroll and explore at your own pace. Corfu town has three philharmonic orchestras which are giving outdoor concert throughout the summer months, so while enjoying your ouzo or Tzitzibira (local ginger beer) or your meal at a small taverna, you have the chance to be treated to free entertainment. And why not to combine your stay at a Corfu beach hotel with some overnights in one of the Corfu hotels in Corfu Town? Some are perfectly located in the center of the old town, offering rooms with sea view and the Old Fortress and to cool down there is Anemomylos and the beach of Mon Repos just a stroll away.

Pontikonissi and Fishing, Kerkyra, Corfu, Greece
Most visitors come to Corfu to enjoy the abundance of sandy or pebbly beaches next to the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. Along the 200 km of coastline you'll easily find a Corfu hotel and a beach to fit your preferences. Even Corfu town offers several opportunity for swimming and not only during the summer. Here the waters are warm enough all year round. Next to some of the larger beaches Corfu hotels and resorts have developed and each resort offers beach activities and water sports along with a variety of nightlife and fine cuisine to satisfy even the most selective visitor.

Chlomos Village, Kerkyra, Corfu, Greece
Away from the beaches, in the small mountains villages you'll find the traditional Kerkyra, still welcoming you. If you come during the summer you'll find the nets used for collecting the olives tidily folded up, but if you ever find yourself in Corfu at wintertime, you are more than welcome to join the olive harvesting. The olive oil produced in Corfu is of high quality and light in it's flavour. Soaps made from the local olive oil are sold throughout the island. Part from the olives, Corfu has a unique tradition of growing koum kuat, a small citrus fruit, from which liqueurs and sweets are made.

Old Fortress, Kerkyra, Corfu, Greece
The Corfu countryside is hilly, thanks to its many mountains; the Pantokrator on the northern part of the island being the highest. This makes the island a paradise for mountain bikers and hikers. Corfu's climate with relatively mild winters, early springs and late autumns, offers the opportunity for practicing this kind of sports nearly all year round.

Whether you are looking for an adventurous or relaxing holiday, beach-party and nightlife or tranquility, Corfu is the place! and the Corfu hotels are looking forward to welcome you!